Culture & Creativity is Carma Connected’s Foundation for Innovation

Carma Connected is committed to creating a workplace and client community that celebrates and values diversity in all its forms. We firmly believe that a diverse and inclusive environment not only enriches our creativity and innovation but also strengthens our ability to serve our clients effectively. We strive to continuously learn and evolve, and look forward to a more inclusive and equitable future in our industry and beyond.


We embrace diversity as a source to remain authentic and innovative. We actively seek to build a team and roster of clients that reflect our global society.


We are dedicated to ensuring fairness and justice in all of our day to day practice.


We foster a culture of inclusion where all voices are heard, and everyone is encouraged to contribute their uniqueness for the benefit of our clients and community.


We commit ongoing education opportunities such as our Carma 101’s and initiatives to create a shared understanding of DEI issues, both within our organization and the communities we serve.


We actively engage and support underrepresented communities, working with nonprofit organizations, giving back, and work to make a positive impact in our community.